What Is Greatness?

I’m not always sure what makes a work of art great, whether it be a painting, music, dance, poetry, a play, sculpture, novel, or whatever. I do know great is a far cry from poor, mediocre, fair and even good. Great is like, you know, GREAT!
When it is already great and the world acknowledges it, I glom on to it like a shot, just like everybody else. Greatness is very identifiable. I’ve never discovered anything or anyone great, myself, but I am very good at going along with… Read more

Cats (and dogs) of the Big Easy

Just returned from doing research for the 4th book in the Alvarez Family Murder Mystery Series, which takes place in New Orleans. What a fabulous city! So colorful, so historic, so very special. To think, we might have lost this city forever thanks to Katrina and bad government decisions. Aside from the French Quarter and the Garden District, it will never be quite the same, though. It will be BETTER. What little I’ve learned about the people of New Orleans during my scant… Read more

The Third Annual Palo Alto American Association of University Women Authors’ Luncheon, What is it about Paris?

Forgive the delay in posting this blog, but directly after the AAUW Luncheon on Saturday, April 7th, I flew to New Orleans for a little research for the fourth book of my humorous Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, working title, DEAD, if only.
That doesn’t diminish in any way the memories of the exciting afternoon I had moderating What is it about Paris? for the American Association of University Women.
Who and what is AAUW? Check out their website and learn more about this… Read more

Kudos to Co-chairs Robin Burcell and Cindy Sample for the LCC Conference

The Sacramento 2012 Left Coast Crime Conference went as smooth as butter, and I know something about churning. Before I took an early retirement from Stanford U. to write – and every year it gets earlier; I now claim to have been fifteen years old – I managed the Office of Faculty Recruiting for the Graduate School of Business.
I may not have pushed six-hundred people in and out of events at the same time the way Cindy and Robin did, but I’ve shoved enough VIPs around… Read more