Frank Scully is Here! Drumroll, Please!

I’m thrilled to say Frank Scully has graced us with his cyber presence. This is one fine writer. And he’s also a cat lover! Frank has had a very interesting life, and I hope all of you will enjoy his interview as much as I did. Welcome, Frank!

Heather, it is a pleasure to stop by and guest on your blog. Always nice to visit a fellow Muser, and I have enjoyed your Alvarez Murder Mystery series. We are also apparently both cat lovers as well as mystery writers. Cats are a mystery… Read more

Well, Thanksgiving Has Come And Gone But…

…why does Life keep interfering with my writing? Who’s going to eat all this leftover turkey crammed inside my fridge? And why am I the one stuck with thinking about it? And why does my home look like the inside of a frat house? And again I say, when can I get back to my writing?

I now understand why many historical writers were hysterical curmudgeons, not to mention recluses. It’s the only way you can get your work done.
A short time ago, I finished giving my mother-in-law’s… Read more

No, I didn’t Save the Spider

I’m not sure what’s up with me lately, but I and the animal kingdom are not quite getting along. First, the day before I left for the MuseItUp Retreat, my cat, Ellie used my neck as a perceived ladder in her bid for freedom. She repeatedly tells me this wasn’t her fault, though.
Being half-Siamese and half-Egyptian Mau (black one on the left), Ellie can only take so much at the vet’s before she makes a break for it. She says her high-strung-edness has something… Read more

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

I may not have seen all the photos from the MuseItUp Meet and Greet in Montreal, but I’ve seen enough. Let me say this about that: my hair tells the story. It drooped, it dripped, it sagged and it flagged.
I’m sure this is because I was not at my best and NOT being a type A personality, it showed. I can rally, but only so much.
Two days before my departure to Montreal, I came down with a bad cold. The following day I took my beloved sweetie-pie, Ellie, cat extraordinairre, to … Read more

Cousin to Cousin

Just returned from Montreal and it was a Cuz Love Fest! First of all, I met my own cousin there, fellow Muse Author, Grace DeLuca. It’s so great when you admire and love a relative, a rarity, as everybody knows. But Grace happens to be one of my favorite people, even though she tends to order hamburgers and french fries when we’re out, knowing I am weak and will follow suit.
Gracie and I haven’t seen each other in person for five years, what with her living in Florida… Read more

What I Know About Canada…

…you could probably put on the head of a pin and still have room left over for a recipe for Yankee pot roast. I don’t say this with any pride. I say this with the jarring realization I may be ignorant about our neighbors.
In two days I leave for the first ever MuseItup Publishing Meet and Greet taking place in Montreal. It also coincides with a mammoth book fair where…gasp….2000 Canadians have been known to show up. So if I don’t want to come across like an idiot, I’d better… Read more