Happy Halloween!!

Here is a little short story I wrote for MuseitUp Pub’s blogsite:

Heather Haven

Cliff adjusted the eye-patch and scrutinized the perfect but expensive pirate’s reflection in the full length mirror. From black leather boots to golden earring, he looked real enough to sail the seven seas. And just as lusty. Women liked that.
“You’re one handsome son of a bitch, Cliffy Boy, if I do say so myself.” He let out a raucous laugh. “Especially now that you’re… Read more

Ellie, My Black Cat, Is Depressed

Elphaba Queen of da Nile, better known as Ellie, is devastated. She’d applied for a job as a witch’s assistant but didn’t get the job. Now true, she isn’t authentically a black cat, being in reality a Black Ash i.e. black hair at the tip, pale grey at the root, but still. Being rejected hurts.
When the witch – who shall be nameless – sent back Ellie’s application, she wrote Ellie didn’t have the right attitude. As her mommy, I should… Read more

Nothing Like a Writers Retreat to Get You Back On Track

Being able to do nothing but write – and being forced to write — is heaven on earth. Even if you don’t have kids under foot, the day-to-day stuff gets in the way, especially if there is a spouse or loved one in the vicinity. I also have two demanding cats, who think they are neurotic French Poodles i.e. love me, want me, hold me, feed me. Wait, that’s my husband, too!
Then the phone rings, the handyman drops by, the dishes need to be done and what’s that … Read more

My This and That Has Been Awesome Lately!

Some fabulous things have been happening for me lately! The 2nd book in the Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries, A Wedding to Die For, is one of the three finalist in EPIC’s mystery book of the year. This is so exciting. then I was asked to do a reading at Litquake last week with such mystery heavy weights as Cara Black and Jacqueline Winspear! I mean, really! They are so incredible. The wonderful Meg Waite Clayton was there, as well, do a reading from her book, The Four Ms. Bradwells.… Read more